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Scarring post acne is most dreadful because it is a permanent process and even with modern treatments available right now it cannot be corrected.
There are different types of acne scars:

  • Atrophic
  • Ice pick
  • Box scars
  • Rolling Scars
  • Hypertrophic scars
  • Papular scars

Atrophic scars occur due to collagen destruction in the dermis. Due to this there is depression in the skin. Depending on size and shape of these depressions these are classified into:

Ice pick Scars- These are tiny on the surface but extend deeper into the skin in the form of ‘V’.

Box Scars- These cars are well defined, bigger size depression but superficial. ‘U’ is the shape of these scars.

Rolling Scars- These scars do have atrophy and they are pulled down by chords which are attached deeper down in the skin.

Hypertrophic Scars- These scars appear as bumps on the surface of the skin. This happened due to excess collagen production after acne. These are more common on shoulders and jaw line.

Papular Scars- These are the hypertrophic scars occurring on nose and chin. These scars can lead to uneven appearance of skin on the nose and chin.


Subcision- This is a treatment where the chords pulling the scars down or cut off. Once the chords are cut, scars are released and appear less prominent. Post procedure there can be redness and swelling which subsidize in a week.

Fractional CO2 Laser & RF Microneedling- They work by causing injury in the skin. During skin is healing there is collagen production and filling of scars.

PRP Skin- platelet rich plasma is obtained by processing a person’s own blood. Collected plasma is injected into the face. PRP has multiple growth factors which help in collagen production and improvement of scars.

TCA Cross- TCA is a peel it is used in ice pick scars. Peel causes injury to the walls of ice pick scars, while healing the walls adhere to each other and close the scar.

Fillers- Fillers contain hyaluronic acid they are used to replace fat in the skin when there is a noticeable depression due to collagen loss. Fillers can be injected to fill the gaps.

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