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Ageing: It’s a process that elicits mixed emotions. Some signs appear slowly and softly, while others can demand attention.Most of ageing is influenced by genetics, ethnicity, sun exposure and care for your skin.
The most noticeable changes are:

  • Decreased skin elasticity
  • Darker pigmentation
  • Pore size
  • Pronounced fine lines
  • Overall thinning of the muscle and fat of the face

People start to notice the appearance of ageing in their 30s and 40s.The natural life cycle of skin begins to slow down, meaning the appearance of discoloration, wrinkles, sagging, and reduction of collagen production takes place. Hormonal changes may also trigger adult acne, giving you flashbacks to teenage breakouts.

As the same ageing processes of our 40s continues in our 50s, menopause may amplify the signs for women. Changing estrogen levels may result in drier skin. The loss of collagen can lead to sagging skin along the jaw and around the eyes. Years of sun exposure will also re-emerge as rough skin texture and sunspots.

In the advent of our 60s, the most new and noticeable development is thinning of the skin. Topical treatments can continue to fight fine lines and hyperpigmentation and work toward improving firmness and texture. But they’re not enough to combat sagging due to lost volume in the face. Thankfully, there are less invasive options if you’re looking for more of a boost.


Topical creams

Retinoids like tretinoin are used to stimulate collagen, prevent and treat existing wrinkles, and even fight acne..
There’s a caveat with retinoids, though: They lead to photosensitivity, so dedicated daily use of high-SPF, full-spectrum sunscreen (minimum SPF 50) is a must.
If the barriers of a prescription and photosensitivity are dampening your interest in retinoids, topical vitamin C is a great alternative. It also promotes collagen growth, fights wrinkles, and even cleans up the damage from UV rays. This antioxidant powerhouse also tackles hyperpigmentation, including acne scars and sunspots

Fractional CO2 LASER

Fractional resurfacing laser is a good anti-ageing tool wherein it removes the surface layers of the skin and heats up the inner layers leading to new collagen formation and cell renewal. It leaves you with a smoother, tighter and brighter skin


Fillers is a method of plumping the tissue underneath loose skin with injections. fillers such as Restylane, and Juvederm, restore contours that have been lost, providing some ‘lift’ by supporting the overlying skin.


If your frown lines leave you feeling like it looks you’re having a Monday every day of the week, Botox is a good suggestion. Botox is used for treating frown lines and crow’s feet.


Platelet rich plasma contains multiple growth factors. PRP is prepared by processing one”s own blood, collected serum rich in platelets is injected into inner layers of skin.These growth factors help in collagen formation and improving the thickness of the skin.

Thread lift

Thread lift is for people who have good volume and thick skin but there is sagging due to lack of support. Multiple threads are placed in a crisscross manner in the inner layers of skin which forms the supportive framework and reposition the skin back to its original place.

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