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Chemical peel is a procedure in which a chemical is applied under the supervision of doctor and kept for a stipulated time followed by neutralization of the chemical and washing off with copious amounts of water. Some peels are to be kept for a few hours.

Which chemicals are used in Chemical peels?

Many acids derived from fruits or chemical compounds are used. These include Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, Trichloro acetic acid, Pyruvic acid, Mandelic acid, Citric acid, lactic acid, Arginic and their compounds, Retinol, Resorcinol etc and also a mixture of these in various concentrations are formulated as peels. Peels may be liquid, cream or gel forms.

When are Chemical Peels used?

Chemical peels are used for a variety of indications. They may be used for Pimples/ Acne, Pigmentation, Scars, Oily skin, Glow and as an Anti aging measure for wrinkle reduction. It also helps in reducing open pores, rejuvenates thickened sallow skin and removes lesions like actinic keratoses which are rough growths occurring due to aging and sun exposure. Peels also are used to treat freckles which are brown spots due to sun exposure in sensitive skin and Melasma which is brownish pigmentation usually in females developing after pregnancy located on cheeks and forehead.

Which peel is required in a patient?

Peels are used according to the requirement of the patient in terms of the condition he/she is suffering from, the downtime (recovery time) available and the type of skin.
It is a choice made with the expertise of the patient in consultation with the patient. At SkinnSculpt, all patients are thoroughly examined by the doctors and the patients are individually explained regarding available choices of peels for the condition they are suffering from, the involved treatment protocols, mandatory precautions and possible results.

How is a peel performed?

Evaluate your condition when excessive sweating is getting in the way of your everyday life. Hyperhidrosis may prove to be an issue with you if you keep changing your clothes because of perspiration, or if you feel it is impacting your daily life.

What is the post treatment care?

Post peels SUN PROTECTION is most important. Sun protection in Indian skin prevents a lot of side effects. This can be achieved by avoiding peak sun exposures b/w 10 am to 3 pm.One should take physical sun protection measures like wearing a cap, scarf or using an umbrella religiously while outdoors. A broad spectrum sunscreen should be used 20 mins before sun exposure and reapplied every 2 hours thereafter. Sun screen prescription depending on skin type will be given before starting peel for the patients.

What are the changes in skin after peeling?

After undergoing a chemical peeling procedure there may be slight redness and mild stinging which subsides after neutralization of the peel. The next day there may be slight dryness and tightness of skin. This is followed by visible peeling of skin in stronger peels which may last for 2-4 days. Once the peeling of skin is complete the skin appears fresh and shiny with a glow and reduced pigmentation and acne.

Can peel be repeated?

Peels need to be repeated for desired effects depending on the condition to be treated. On an average 2-4 sittings may be required for milder cases. Peel can be repeated once in 15 days for mild peels and once in 4-6 weeks for stronger peels. The time allows for healing and regeneration of skin.

Can peels be combined with other procedures?

Chemical peeling can be judiciously combined with certain procedures at the sole discretion of the treating physician.

Why should chemical peeling be done under care of a skin specialist?

Chemical peels involve controlled damage to the skin followed by healing of the skin to achieve optimum results. Only an Expert skin doctor can decide on the type of peel, its depth required and the possible effects and side effects that can be produced by chemicals. Hence it is in the best interest of the patient to visit a qualified Skin doctor with wide expertise in Dermatology and Cosmetic applications so as to achieve best results without side effects.

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