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This is a genetic hair loss which usually starts in second decade of life. A first degree relative with this kind of baldness may be elicited in the family . Along with genetics other factors like nutrition, stress, smoking alcohol intake and lifestyle also affects this hair loss. In this hair loss occurs because of genetic factors . 

The number of hair follicles in each hair root decrease (each hair root has 3 to 4 hair follicles). This leads to decrease in density of overall hair. Later existing hair becomes progressively thinner (like body hair) and completely dies over few years. Once the hair root gets fibrosed there is no hope of growing new hair.
Common areas affected our temples (sides of forehead) & crown. Hairline tends to go back so forehead widens. Iin female’s hair line is not disturb but whole of the scalp is shown through but as the as the number of hairs reduce and existing hair becomes thinner.


  • Minoxidil solution can be applied on scalp on a regular basis. This has to be continued for years.
  • Pills to reduce hormonal action are advised by dermatologist.
  • PRP therapy- it is called platelet rich plasma therapy. PRP is obtained by processing one’s own blood. It is rich in platelets that contain growth factors. PRP is injected into scalp at the hair roots. This revives the thinning hair and tends to grow thicker.

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